Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Allard brought his tiny little dog into work today.

Poland, who telecommutes from Michigan every day via this TV, recently bought a dog for his family.

Today, both of them tried to force their dogs to have a teleconference. (You can just barely see Grover, Poland's dog, in the bottom right corner of the screen)

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Arnie said...

By the way, Poland has written several very funny posts about his new dog on his blog, crabbydad.

Here's an excerpt from his post, 'Losing my Dognity.'

"5 Things I never thought I'd do before owning getting a dog:

"A. Put a dog turd in the refrigerator.

"2. Lather up a doggy dick.

"3. Pay over $700 in two days for 2 pet hospital visits.

"C. Pull a dingleberry off of a canine bung-hole.

"5. Walk around the neighborhood with a purple bag of shit in my hand."