Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My sister, Julie, sent out pictures of Ty's first day of kindergarten.

Julie: We followed him to his room.....but no need, he didn't look back once.

This prompted my mom to e-mail out memories from the first day of kindergarten for me and my sisters.

"I was teaching diagonally across from Arnie's Elementary parking lot. I spent a lot of time in back of study hall looking at that parking lot for a possible lost Little Arnie on his first day!?!? I still remember that some friends came over and told me that Arnie was 'so dramatic' and gave me a look like what did you do?

"For some strange reason I remember that Julie's kindergarten teacher had the same birthday as Julie!!! I can't remember if this was the year when _________ did all of Julie's cutting and that if _____ wasn't around, Julie had a headache when she was supposed to cut?!?!

"Ah, Sherry couldn't stay awake during the first few days of kindergarten. Her teacher was so embarrassed that Sherry slept right through a fire drill and she didn't notice that she was missing until she was outside. The teacher kept telling Arnie & Julie that she was falling asleep during school so we kept putting her to bed earlier and earlier. . . then a few days later she got the flu and that was the end of Sherry falling asleep.

"When Allie went to kindergarten, Julie's job to earn some money was to fix Allie's hair for school. She had all kinds of braids. One was even kinda like a crown around the top of her head. Allie and her class were hard on teachers. Her kindergarten teacher retired after her class as did her first grade teacher."

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aw! cute kid!