Saturday, July 18, 2009

Drinks after the Whirled News show.

Apparently, the band Rascal Flatts did a concert in Wrigley Field, so the neighborhood was as obnoxious as it is after a Cubs game, only with more cowboy hats. And even the Hofbrauhaus, where we drank, was playing country music.

Random Middle Aged Man: Hey, do you know if there's a topless bar near here called Twister?
Me: Twister? I don't... I don't think so.
Random Middle Aged Man: We're looking for a topless bar. Someone said we should go to Twister.
Me: As far as I know there aren't any topless bars near here.
Alex: What are they asking?
Me: There aren't any topless bars near here are there?
Alex: Actually there are. There's Moe's Cantina. And... uh... Twist.
Random Middle Aged Man: Twist! That's the one.
Megan: Hold on, did he say topless or tapas?
Me: [laughing] Oh. Did you want a topless place or a place to get tapas.
Random Middle Aged Man: Say those two words again.
Alex: Are you looking for tiny food or boobs.
Random Middle Aged Man: The second.
Me: That's what I thought.
Alex: Twist is a restaurant. They have tapas. It's not topless.
Random Middle Aged Man: I've never heard that word before.
Me: It's... it's not worth going into. I'm pretty sure there's no topless places near here.


Innisanimate said...

Now THAT was funny!

Reminds me a little of the Flintstones episode where the clown gets sent to the Lodge meeting and the dancing girls get sent to the kid's birthday party.

Gene said...