Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Sometimes it feels good to get a number of errands done on your way back from work. Grocery store. Hardware store. Second grocery store where the produce is better. I got some shit done.

Other times it feels less good. Like, say, when you get home and realize your fly is down and the last time you used a restroom was at work. And you think, "I was just in a lot of places."

Sarah: It's okay. I'm sure no one looks at your crotch.
Me: Oh, people look at my crotch.


Innisanimate said...

Sorry, I guess I should have told you. My bad.

crabbydad said...

I thought you had a license to sell hotdogs.

Shaun said...

I think it's even more noticeable considering your crotch is at most people's eye level.