Friday, July 3, 2009

Possible evidence that this blog is boring: the search queries that bring people here have been pretty uninteresting. Usually just the title of the blog, sometimes with the words mixed up.

Recently, though, someone from India found this blog by searching, "living together fuck picture." Someone, I guess, looking for porn with a domestic flavor.

Apparently this blog is the second choice Google offers for a "living together fuck picture" search. The first result is definitely a porn site. Then this blog. Then something about Justin Gaston and Miley Cyrus living together. Then a Facebook group called "Fuck this... I'm going to Hogwarts." Then information on a Martin Scorsese biography. So, this blog really is your second best bet.

Sarah: There will be no fuck pictures!


Casey said...

I imagine a very frustrated Indian guy searching through every picture looking for the one "fuck pic" on this blog.

Chidester said...

Please print Sarah a shirt that says "There will be no fuck pictures".