Saturday, June 20, 2009

TBS is sponsoring a big city-wide comedy festival in Chicago this weekend. Just For Laughs. Whirled News Tonight was lucky enough to be one of the local shows to be included in the festival. Sort of. Really, we just did our regular show in our regular spot at our regular time, but tonight there were Just For Laughs banners on the stage and special Just For Laughs napkins at the bar. Otherwise it was pretty much the same.

Backstage there were signs letting people know what kind of laminated passes could get different participants (Artist, Guest, Media) into what venues and parties. As far as I know we didn't get any passes.

Haskins, an original Whirled News cast member, was back in town from LA for the festival and performed with us during our show. Backstage we joked that we were doing the show, "just for laughs."

Me: Should we discourage the audience from reacting in any way besides pure laughter?

We were included in a lot of the festival's promotional material, though, so if you read any pamphlets this week, you may have heard of us. Free publicity.

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