Thursday, June 4, 2009

Sarah and I did the long distance thing for about a year while she performed at a theater in Boston. Before she moved out there I gave her this big stuffed bear as a gift. "If you get lonely, you've got the bear."

Talking over the phone once, she said, "He's my you. I give him a kiss every night before I go to bed."

Now that we live in the same city, more than that, live in the same apartment, she doesn't sleep with the bear. He sits in the spare room on her old bed, on top of a pile of things we haven't figured out what to do with yet.

Me: Do you ever.. miss the bear?
Sarah: No. I've got you.

Now, I'm her me.

I feel sorry for the bear.

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crabbydad said...

Don't feel too bad. Soon you'll be sleeping in the spare room and the bear will be in the garbage can.