Monday, May 4, 2009

Speaking of M&Ms, I was getting groceries a week ago and Sarah asked me to pick up a "big bag of Peanut M&Ms" for her. They were on sale, two for one, so I bought two and hid the second bag, thinking, some night she'll say, "Man, I wish I still had some more M&Ms" and I'd say, "You do!" Maybe wait until she had a rough day, surprise her with some comfort candy.

I'm not good at holding off on surprises, though, so the second she even mentioned M&Ms in passing, I yelled, "I bought more M&Ms! I hid them! You can eat them! M&Ms!"

Still, she appreciated the second bag.

Me: I just realized the potential downside, here. Next time you want M&Ms you're going to be pretty certain I've got some for you.
Sarah: Yeah. That's going to happen.

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