Saturday, May 16, 2009

Sarah works for a prestigious local university, and one of the perks of working there is being able to taking classes there relatively cheaply.

Sarah: I’m telling people I’m taking classes, not that I’m going back to school. For now. If it doesn’t work out, or I decide it’s not for me… I was just taking classes. We’ll see.

This week she turned in her first big paper. And got an A. And the professor asked her to bring in copies for the rest of the class so they could all discuss it.

Me: An A paper! We should put it on the fridge.
Sarah: No. We can’t. There’s no paper with an “A” written on it. She just e-mailed me the grade.


Young said...

So is the blog now the Harvest Gold Frigidaire of the 21st century?

John P. Glynn said...

Do you call your guest bedroom "Sick Bay"? Nice! - jpg

Sarah said...

Yes. It's where one of us will sleep if we get sick. It was the reason we kept my bed. Well...and for guests.

Anonymous said...

Hopefully you also call your fridge Mr. Roper.