Wednesday, May 6, 2009

This picture of me with my youngest sister, Allie, and my Grandma Ann was taken last Christmas, when my family took my grandmother out for a holiday lunch. This is a tradition we've had every year since she was forced to leave her farm and move into a nursing home, a place, she won't hesitate to tell you, she hates. (I stole this picture off Allie's Facebook page.)

Today I called Grandma Ann to wish her a happy 86th birthday. I have to admit that it was the first time I'd talked to her since this picture was taken.

Grandma: I'm still here. I could use some more visitors.

Our connection was bad, so we each had trouble hearing exactly what the other was saying, but it didn't matter much because we said all the same things we always say. She's unhappy. I'm busy, I'll try to visit soon, maybe this summer. I try to call you sometimes, Arnie, but I can never get ahold of you. Did you leave a message, Grandma? No. Leave a message, I'll call you back. Ach, no.

Me: Did you hear Allie went to Australia?
Grandma: What?
Me: Allie, she went to Australia. For school. She's back now.
Grandma: Oh, Allie, yes.
Me: Pretty neat, huh?
Grandma: Everyone's out going places. Me, I'm just in this room.


Jady said...

Arnie- I work for a Home Health/Home Care company. let me know if you guys want to evaluate the options of her living in
assisted/senior apartments.


travka79 said...

It always breaks my heart when you talk about your grandma. She looks so sweet.