Saturday, May 2, 2009

There was a bachelorette party sitting in the front row of the Whirled News Tonight show this evening. This is a fairly common occurrence, which is odd, because nothing about our show screams bachelorette party.

There's usually little to no audience participation in our show, but it's hard to ignore a giant inflatible penis in the front row. We ended up dedicating most of the second act to scenes inspired by the bride-to-be and her friends. Mostly making fun of them, although hopefully in good fun. They seemed to enjoy it. (Although... we made a throw away joke about how weird it was that one of them had a tattoo on her back of a red M&M smiling and reclining on a cloud. It may even have been referred to as "stupid." Later we found out it was in honor of the girl's deceased grandmother, who had worked for Mars Candy.)

Afterward they asked if we'd mind being in a group picture. I slipped my own camera into the rotation, to get this shot. Out of respect for the privacy of these strangers I used my limited MS Paint ability to but blocks over their faces. It came out looking creepier than I intended.

Good luck, ladies.


Arnie said...

To inspire some scenes we asked the bachelorette questions like, "What are you most nervous about?" ("The wedding night") and "What are some reasons you love your future husband?" ("Um... he's tall?")

We also read out loud to the audience the list of things the bride-to-be was supposed to accomplish before the end of her party. You know, the usual vaguely humiliating list. "Kiss the first guy that talks to you, get a strangers boxer shorts, etc."

Afterward, Chin, our director said we should have done everything on the list for her during the show. Eh... no. We didn't do that. But we did some funny scenes inspired by the list.

Megan: [to Young and Eddie] Hey... my girlfriends gave me this list of things I'm supposed to do for my party tonight, and I have to have sex with the first two guys I meet.
Me: [entering third] Hey, everybody, what's going on?

After notes I found out that one of our cast members did hand over his boxers to the group (maybe because he felt guilty about the M&M joke). "Where's Jordan? He said if I gave them my boxers he'd give them his too."

"Uh... he left."

"That son-of-a-bitch!"

padraic said...

I believe we actually said "I know, it's retarded!" when referencing the M&M tattoo.

I also learned that night the average human penis is three feet long, has wheels, a shoulder sling, and is where you put your tie.

Casey said...

that picture looks like some with a grudge is knocking people off and only has 6 left.