Thursday, April 16, 2009

The building next to ours has a very small fenced in area (this picture actually makes it look bigger than it is) where about five to ten kids of various ages play every night. It's hard to tell exactly what they're playing, but it involves a soccer ball and lots of screaming.

I don't mind the screaming so much, kids gotta play, but they often sound genuinely terrified/pained, as if the game is some soccer/ultimate fighting hybrid.

Last night, during a pause in the game, I heard a tired little voice say, "I've gotta stop hanging out over here."

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Tubbs said...

Hey Arnie,

You don't know me but I'm a big fan of your blog and a Chicago improvisor.

Saw World News last night and I really enjoyed it. Especially the scene where you're girlfriend/wife was pissed about you posting relationship details about your life on the internet. As a reader of your blog, I snickered a little extra in that scene.