Friday, April 10, 2009

The new bedroom is bigger than my old one, so the king size bed doesn't take up every inch of space. Friends used to call my old room "The Sleep Chamber" because it was all bed.

Sarah finds the mattress too hard, so she's looking into getting a mattress pad, an idea she got when we were out east for my dad's basketball game.

Sarah: [via Gchat] "I just called the Marriott in Springfield to find out what brand of mattress pad they had. they were confused."

Next we'll probably replace the comforter. As Nick said when he was over last week, "That bed looks like it was stolen from a Days Inn in the southwest."


crabbydad said...

Bleh. That comforter looks like it's made out of bacon. No wonder you and your girlfriend are arguing. Spring for some new bedding, ya cheapskate.

Shaun said...

If you have the money, I recommend a memory foam pad. It's done wonders for my back, and is this very fine insulator that keeps you warm. I hardly ever leave my bed.

Anonymous said...

New pillows too, punk.