Friday, April 3, 2009

My first gathering of friends over at the new apartment. Beers and pizza and catching up.

Everyone started waning near 11, and it seemed like the night might come to an end.

Then we got the idea, for a laugh, to try out the unopened Mall Madness board game I'd bought Sarah over a year ago. The surprisingly complicated assembly process reinvigorated everyone.

Trupe: How the hell could a 14 year old girl figure this out?
Me: I feel like it's Christmas Eve and we're six dads trying to put together our daughter's gift.

Young and Martin ended up winning the game, despite constant bickering.

Young: We're buying a headband and a turtleneck? Are you kidding me?!


chris said...

I friggin love that game. I would play it without irony.

Arnie said...

Meador wrote this on his blog:

"After a grueling twelve hour shift, I stopped by Arnie and Sarah's new place to find everyone playing Mall Madness. What a dumb game."