Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Tom and I work for the same company (well, sister companies). Also, as I've mentioned before we lived together for most of college. Freshman year in the dorms and junior and senior years in an off-campus apartment.

Today at work we reminisced about an April Fools prank we pulled our senior year. We had lived with each other awhile, and although we mostly got along well, there was an understandable layer of unspoken mutual annoyance. As a prank, we spent the week before April 1st pretending to have had a huge falling out, a friendship-ending fight. On the first we let everyone know that it was just a joke. Reactions ranged from befuddled to annoyed to "I think this is a sign your friendship is in real trouble."

It was mostly cathartic, though, and we got along swimmingly the rest of the time we lived together. After graduation, I moved to Arizona and he moved to Minnesota.


Arnie said...

Speaking of April Fools jokes, Sarah helped some of us in the office play a prank on a co-worker. He spent a day or two worried that he may have hit a dog with his car. We had Sarah call him and leave the following message:

He was pretty shaken up after the call, but once we let him know it was a joke, he was a good sport about it, even recording the audio off his phone to e-mail it around the office.

Anonymous said...

Where'd you guys put Poland this year?

Arnie said...

Every year since I've worked at my current job, there have been April Fool's Day pranks on Poland, the guy who telecommutes from Michigan, by putting his TV (the one he's on and we talk to him through) in some odd place. In the bathroom, in the refrigerator, etc.

I was too busy this week to help out, but apparently due to a bad internet connection, this year's attempt fell flat. The plan itself was a little too complicated to explain simply, but the idea was to trick Poland into thinking he was doing the telecommuting equivalent of "walking in on" someone pumping breast milk. This was based on a real incident that occurred a few months earlier when we accidentally left Poland's TV in the wrong room.

Does that make any sense at all?