Friday, March 27, 2009

Last minute decision... Sarah and I flew out to New England to meet up with my family for tomorrow's championship game.

Two of my three sisters, Julie and Sherry, had been there for several days.

Julie: My flight back to Ohio was actually supposed to be today. You never know how these things are going to go. Last time Dad made it to the Elite Eight I flew out and they lost the first night, and my flight back wasn't for four more days. This time I figured I'd split the difference. Luckily, I can ride back with Matt.

Julie's husband, Matt, drove eleven hours from Ohio this morning, with their two rambunctious (but adorable) young sons, Ty and Will, in the back seat.

Matt: The van smells kind of bad, now.

We all stayed in a different hotel (different town actually) from my parents.

Sarah: How's your dad doing?
Julie: Good.
Sherry: Stressed.
Julie: He's got a lot on his mind. Did you hear about after the first game?
Me: Yeah, he left Mom at the stadium, right? Didn't realize he was supposed to wait for her to get on the bus.
Julie: Well, last night, after the second game, everyone stayed in the stands for a while, celebrating, just kind of blown away...
Sherry: And dad comes out and walks across the court.
Julie: Everyone gets quiet, like he's going to make an announcement or something. The whole place goes quiet.
Sherry: And he just walks up to Mom and says, "I'll meet you back at the hotel." And then walks back to the locker room.
Julie: Everyone was like, Is that it?
Sherry: We all thought he was going to say something profound.

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