Sunday, March 29, 2009

My parents hug, moments after the end of the game.

Later, walking into Champions, the hotel bar, ESPN is playing the last seconds of the game, as a miracle three-point shot in overtime wins the game. Looking up at the TV we all cheer, and then cheer again when we realize that it's Sportscenter's number one play of the day.

We drink and eat and talk about the game. Several of Dad's players (some current and some alumni) stand up and lead the entire bar in singing 'Rhinestone Cowboy,' one of his favorite songs.

Later we find out that Sportscenter has changed the play of the day to a moment from Villanova's upset over Pitt, knocking our win to number two.


Ryan said...

so they won?

they won, right?

woo hoo! that's awesome.

MW said...

It was a crazy game. I was literally screaming at my TV and pacing and sweating. I had never so much as seen a Findlay uniform before I turned on the TV on saturday. It was an absolutely amazing win. Congrats Niekamps!!!

(ps - the CBS announcers were very complimentary to Coach Niekamp.)

Shaun said...


Arnie said...

Nick: [via text message right after the game] "Is everybody headed to Cheddar's right now or what????"