Sunday, March 1, 2009

Moving Day - 8 PM


At Target we have trouble agreeing on what plates to get. Sarah likes the red and black ones on the right, but I don't. I like the black and white ones on the left, but she thinks they're too "eighties."

Sarah: Who are you, Patrick... uh... what's the name of the guy from 'American Psycho?'
Me: Bateman.
Sarah: Who are you, Patrick Bateman?
Me: I don't get it.

We eventually agree on the beige-ish plates in the middle.

Sarah: Beige, though? Beige? We're still young, aren't we? Are we beige?


Innisanimate said...

Should have gone with the blue!

Glad to see this is up again!! Don't you think you should have made some sort of announcement? When I saw you and Sarah shopping together at Jewel, I got curious... glad I ran into you there.

Tiffany said...

What's funny is that my plates that I got for the house I just moved into this month are the light blue ones to the right of your beige ones. No. Joke.