Monday, March 9, 2009

After a week with no internet, a day and a half of lost work, dozens of phone calls (many of them ending in me being disconnected)... the internet is finally working.

It's not worth explaining what the problem was, and frankly no one ever really figured it out. Six different Comcast modems didn't work, but my own old personal modem did (and does). They wouldn't let me use it at first because it was apparently "blacklisted" for reasons no one could explain to me.

ANYWAY... finally a very pleasant and competent customer service woman named Maria was able to get my old modem unblacklisted and immediately everything was working fine. Still no clue as to why none of those other modems worked.

Me: Thank you Maria. Is there anywhere I can call that would be, like... the opposite of a complaint line? Like a compliment line? So I could let people know that you were the person that could fix this for me?
Maria: You could call my supervisor. That would be nice. I get a gift certificate.

She transferred me to her supervisor's phone and I left a message in a voice mailbox with no outgoing message. I hope Maria gets her gift certificate, but I worry that, like so many other things with Comcast, it could easily get lost in the system.

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padraic said...

I had a problem with my Comcast service a while back.

I was getting absolutely unbelievable download speeds. Faster than they'd even advertised. But I couldn't access any OnDemand programs and everything on the HD and music channels was blocky and crackly.

Finally, after unsuccessfully going through the usual process ("Yes, the green light is on. Yes, I waited thirty seconds before I plugged in back in. Yes, it's connected to the cable. Yes, I'm sure.") they sent out a technician. It was the same guy who'd set up my service a year earlier who had to drive out from his usual desk job at a service center on North Avenue because the guy who was supposed to have set up my service never showed up but drove by my building, called my phone so it rang once, then drove away even after I ran outside and flagged him down.

After about 30 seconds of looking at my set up, he found the problem immediately: They'd programmed my modem on the TV band and the cable box on the data band. He pulled out his phone, punched in a few numbers on a menu screen, and less than a minute later everything was fixed. He told me it was a problem that should have been obvious to anyone even glancing at my account.

As he left, I could hear him on his phone screaming at someone all the way down the stairs, out the lobby, and outside on his way to the van.

Couldn't have been nicer to me, though.