Thursday, March 12, 2009

While out getting drinks last night, we all, unasked, had our caricatures drawn by a guy who sat in the corner of the bar, mumbling cryptic religious things to himself. He's not an unfamiliar sight in the neighborhood and this is not the first drawing he's done of a group I've been in. (The rumor floating around is that, decades ago he was the official Second City cast caricaturist, before whatever exactly happened to him happened to him.)

Meador gave him some money for the picture and we all tried to puzzle out who was who. It seems to be (from left to right) Meador, Trupe, Nick, Martin, Young and Me.

Meador: That's me by elimination. I've never looked that svelte.
Trupe: Look at Arnie's abs! He looks insane.
Me: The guy must have read an inner strength on me.
Young: You look like a gay Wolverine.


Arnie said...

I wrote about the last time he drew us on one of my earlier blogs. You can see that picture here.

Feel free to play the game, 'Who Does Everyone REALLY Look Like?'

Megan said...

Maybe it is the guy who drew the James Jackson picture during one of our shows. Alex bought it of him, I mean what else can you do when he presents the picture to you. It is kind of brilliant.

Adal Up and Ride said...

Thought I would let you know that I've read all your blogs and this entry made me laugh the hardest out them all....I figure you probably want to keep track of that kind of stuff

Meador said...

After he gave me the picture, he clasped my hand and made me repeat the following:
"All alone, in the green grass, I had vision of Yeshua." Then he smiled and said, "There, now you're a Hebrew."


tamara said...

My first out-loud laugh at the new blog. So glad a new year has begun.